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There are many theories as to quite what drove the Prince of Denmark mad. The perceived faithlessness of the Queen? His initial lack of courage to revenge his father swiftly and violently? A dodgy batch of Swedish mushrooms? Too many emails? Have a look at inboxes for Romeo and Macbeth.

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Hercules (stage name: Herakles) never went anywhere without a mighty beard, a big club, an extra loincloth and his new mobile phone. He doesn’t want to miss any of those funny jokes that Theseus likes to send round all the heroes. You might also like to see what Odysseus gets at his email account.

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Witch-King of Angmar

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It’s no fun being a bad guy with evil magical powers if you’ve got to play second fiddle to an even bigger bad guy with even more evil magical powers. You might also like the inboxes for Gollum, Gandalf, Legolas and Sauron.

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Robinson Crusoe

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It can do you a lot of good to switch off and disconnect for a while. A few days in the mountains, maybe a weekend hike around the lakes, or 27 years on a desert island. P.S. I’ve posted an alternative version up on the Facebook page!

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