Famous inboxes from the world of myth and religion

The only place that brings together Santa and Satan…


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Hercules (stage name: Herakles) never went anywhere without a mighty beard, a big club, an extra loincloth and his new mobile phone. He doesn’t want to miss any of those funny jokes that Theseus likes to send round all the heroes. You might also like to see what Odysseus gets at his email account.

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Robin Hood

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It’s tough work being CEO of a major outlaw corporation. There are standards to keep: rich folk demanding to be robbed and you have to make sure everyone wears the approved shade of green. Check out the robin@sherwood.com email account:

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After a hard night’s grim reaping, time to catch up on some correspondence over a glass of sherry and a sandwich. Note that nobody, but nobody, dares send Death unsolicited email.

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Count Dracula

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Thunder rolls and lightning, um, lightens. Dogs howl and cats give them a disparaging look for overreacting. And in a stone tower looking down on the dark Transylvanian forest, Dracula slips off his cape, pulls up a chair and logs on to his email account.

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