Famous inboxes with a Star Wars theme

In a galaxy far, far away, spam filters are still important.


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The Death Star is no more and Darth Vader has been cast out into space. For now, the plucky R2D2 can relax and await the forthcoming trip to the ice world of Hoth. Time, then, to check email… See Yoda’s inbox and Darth Vader’s inbox…

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There may be no cities or technology on Dagobah, but Yoda’s laptop has a top notch wireless modem and a flat-rate plan allowing unlimited mobile surfing. Which is fortunate, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to enjoy his email exchange with the likes of Darth Vader. See also R2D2’s inbox.

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Darth Vader

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Some might wonder who would dare send the Sith Lord spam. Other Sith Lords? Or maybe Obi Wan signed him up to a few spam lists just to get even. This was the first famous inbox that started off the series back in 2009. Unfortunately, during the move to the new website home, the many […]

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