Famous inboxes for great historical leaders

Leadership needs effective communication. How would the world’s leaders have coped without email to coordinate their political machinations?

Henry VIII

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There are so many things you associate with Henry VIII: the six wives, the English Reformation, um…the six wives. And email.Как демонтировать пластиковое окно

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Napoleon Bonaparte

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After escaping the Island of Elba and reassembling his men on the mainland, Napoleon turns his attention to meeting the threat of the Seventh Alliance. But not before checking his email:Укладка керамической плитки на пол

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Julius Caesar

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After a hard day browbeating senators into pushing through his health reform plans, Caesar pulls out the laptop (tablet PC?) and checks his email. This is what he sees.visualcage (Bonus points if you spot at least three historical inaccuracies.)

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