Famous inboxes from the history of art and music

The email is stronger than the sword, as these inboxes prove…

Leonardo da Vinci

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Ah, Leonardo…love that scene on the bow of the Titanic. No, wait…the other Leonardo! The man they invented the word enigma for. What can we learn from a sneaky look into his email account…reteks

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: the original rock star. Touring Europe with his orchestra of boozed-up misfits from the backstreets of downtown Vienna. One of the first celebrities to embrace email on the road: see for yourself…veroxybd.com Men's Club – Онлайн Журнал

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16th century Italy…the Renaissance ideals, the flowering of mankind’s imagination, the triumph of intellectual transformation…a veritable hotbed of art, classical learning and sound email management. As Michelangelo demonstrates…соответствие качества и цен при строительстве.

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