Back in early 2009, I wrote the first Famous Inbox for Darth Vader over at a marketing website. Just for a bit of fun. I added another one every couple of months and, in late 2010, they caught the attention of the wider world.

It was coverage of the Elizabeth Bennet inbox on the homepage of a big UK daily newspaper in October 2010 that made me decide to turn the idea into its own website and ramp up production.

There is no agenda or ulterior motive other than plain and simply to have a bit of fun and entertain. In the real world, I’m a business writer and lecturer.

Questions I sometimes get asked:

Q. What software do you use to create the inboxes?
A. Nothing special. I send the emails to myself using different from names and then take a screenshot of the results.

Q. Why don’t you use image editing software?
A. Because unfortunately I have the design and image editing talent of a dead bat.

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